Computer training for beginners and advanced users

Computer training for beginners and advanced users

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Computer Training Video Tutorials (DVD)

Director: Software Tutoring
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Rating: G (General Audience)

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Release date January 10, 2007.

While living in the world of 21th century, computer knowledge is a must have. For people that are not familiar with computers, there are various computer training programs. Some of them are just a free computer training online lessons, but some computer traininger courses are for the advanced users and they cover a lot of zones that an average user will never need. For instance, computer training is not the same as internet training. On a personal computer you can perform way more tasks that simple internet browsing, but internet training can teach you to do a secure shopping online, or use some online services.

But please do not get confused. Simple computer training or internet training can not just make a “guru” out of you after 3 lessons. So just think what level of computer studies you really need, and you are ready to go!