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See larger image Communication Training and Development (Paperback) By (author) William E. Arnold, Lynne McClure List Price: $26.95 USD New From: $149.88 In Stock Used from: $0.01 In Stock


UK businesses are a hotbed of constant interruptions and distractions certain published research even suggests that UK employees on average are faced with interruptions every 11 minutes of their working day. As a consequence of these interruptions even those that require the briefest amount of attention to resolve employees can take up to an additional […]


The ability to present information in a memorable way which ignites a passionate response in your audience is not just dependent to the effectiveness of your technical presentation skills; itrsquo;s also dependent on how well you engage with your audience. Tags: technical presentation skills, passionate response


Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP as it is more commonly known is a set of insights and skills which encourage the effective management of situations though emotional and physical states. In essence NLP is a process by which to achieve and unite strategic thinking and behavioural competencies. Often referred to as the quot;study of successquot; NLP […]


Itrsquo;s easy to forget that organisations and businesses are made up of people just like you or me and that the minute and everyday decisions that are made in them can affect employees customers and even the health and safety of other people. Communication is crucial to businesses it is through communication that managers and […]

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Communication is the single most important aspect of our daily interpersonal relationships – in our personal lives and in the workplace. Effective communication skills ensure the success of our interactions with the people around us and are vital to the success of our business relationships. Tags: interpersonal relationships, business relationships, single most important aspect, communication […]

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See larger image Training and Development: Enhancing Communication and Leadership Skills (Paperback) By (author) Steven A. Beebe, Timothy P. Mottet, K. David Roach List Price: $79.80 USD New From: $55.00 In Stock Used from: $7.30 In Stock Communications training is all about developing communications skill for human relationships and business organizations. Regular course will include […]