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Excel Training NYC Blog – Learn Microsoft Excel Paste Special – Free Excel Tutorial

In my Excel classes i do a brief review of using copy and paste, but given the amount of important material to cover, there is never enough time to cover Excel’s paste special feature in any detail. The purpose of this blog post is to explain the importance of Excel’s paste special feature in detail. […]

Excel Class NYC – Free Excel Training Tutorial – Excel Text Functions

Excel Class NYC offers another free Excel class tutorial for our readers and subscribers. Everyone is encouraged to comment or reply about problems, questions, or suggestions. This tutorial can also be found at Excel Training. In Advanced Excel Training you’ll learn advanced Excel functions like Vlookup, If/Then, IsError, and others. With so much important material […]

Excel VBA Class Announces East Coast Schedule For Q1 2011

Excel Class is pleased to announce our Q1 2011 Excel VBA Classes schedule. Philadelphia, PA February 16th – 18th – Register Here Boston, MA February 23rd – 25th – Register Here Baltimore, MD March 1st – 3rd – Register Here Miami, FL March 7th – 9th – Register Here Atlanta, GA March 16th – 18th […]

Excel Class Training NYC Announces Spring Excel Calendar

Excel Class Training NYC Announces Spring Excel Calendar Introduction To Excel Training Dates May 2-3 6pm-9pm May 24-25 6pm-9pm Intermediate – Advanced Excel Training Dates Evenings: May 12-13 6pm-9pm Days: May 14 10am-5:30pm Evenings: May 18-19 6pm-9pm Evenings: June 1-2 6pm-9pm Excel VBA Training Dates Days: May 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 3pm-6pm Days: June 5, 12, […]

Excel Class Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Save Time With Microsoft Excel

Excel Class Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Save Time With Microsoft Excel Excel class NYC is pleased to share some of our favorite Excel keyboard shortcut techniques. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, we believe it offers some of the most common and frequently used shortcuts to save you substantial time and […]

Excel Class Free VBA Tutorial – Variables

Constants Few things in life are constant. Examples of constants include the number of hours in a day, the number of days in a week, the speed of light, a dozen, pi, and several others. To declare a constant in Excel VBA we use the CONST statement. The CONST statement takes the form: Const constantname […]

Excel Class NYC Custom Table Styles Free Tutorial

One of the many terrific new features in Excel 2007 (and 2010) is the ability to create a table. Microsoft took a feature from 2003 called autoformat and improved it dramatically. Microsoft Excel Tables allow you to: Apply alternate row shading where inserting or deleting a row adjusts the shading for you Freeze column headings […]

Excel VBA Tutorial – Learn To Use VBA To Overcome Macro Recorder Limitations

Reposted from http://www.vbaclass.com/blog/excel-vba-tutorial-learn-to-use-vba-to-overcome-macro-recorder-limitations/ If you record a macro where you sort your data, the macro records the last contiguous row in the data set. Next time you run the macro, if you have more rows of data the recorded macro won’t correctly sort to the new last row. Also, anytime you record a macro to […]

PEMDAS and the Mathematical Order of Operations with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel works similarly to using a calculator but there are important differences. On a calculator to perform a calculation you might type numbers, then math symbols like plus (+) or minus (-) and then you would press the equal key to complete your calculation. In Excel we don’t end with the equal sign, we […]

Excel Class Launches Online VBA Training

Excel Class receives requests for Microsoft Excel VBA training courses from every corner of the country. We are pleased to announce that our new exclusive series: The Excel VBA webinar is now available online. Our training sessions begin once a month at different start times. Each session lasts two hours and includes no less than […]